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Welcome to Green Stroke.

Welcome to Green Stroke, a unique Toronto landscape design company specializing in gardening with perennials. Our work varies from small city backyards to the vast spaces of golf courses...

We hope you will enjoy the improvements we have made to our website. We have added new helpful features and improved old features. Due to popular demand we have extended Gardens section. Now there are even more examples of Toronto gardens we have designed and built. You can check different elements of each garden or stroll through the seasons in these gardens. Newly added photo set on each page showcases our latest creations; click or tap right arrow on the picture to start the tour. Improved plant search methods will help you find the perfect perennials, flower bulbs, shrubs or trees for those demanding spots in your garden. To make it even better, we have added pages where you can find lists of plants for Toronto butterfly or shade gardens, select the right ornamental grasses or groundcovers for a specific site or identify toxic plants for pets and kids. If you are trying to reduce water usage, there is a list for you as well, just open Xeriscape Plants page. Be sure to check our Gardening Tips section where good gardening advice is abundant. Enjoy the reading :)

At Green Stroke we are proud to be one of the few who design gardens with you and plants in mind. If you like to garden, if you adore perennials, ornamental grasses and flowering bulbs and if you live in Greater Toronto Area, give us a call or email us. We can change the moods, set the tones and relax the tensions by appropriate plant arrangements. If butterflies are your pals and pesticides are not, we are a dark horse of a new environmentally sensitive landscape designer's breed. We will bring back native plants to you and re-establish the equilibrium between you and nature.

Beauty of style
And harmony and grace and good rhythm
Depend on simplicity.


For many years I've tried to understand these words
For many times I've come close to achieving it
For many days I've built the enchanted places.

For every man there is a dream
For every place there is a spirit
For every child there is a smile.

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