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Our garden philosophy dictates us to plant whenever we notice empty spot in the garden. Nature doesn't like void, if we don't plant what we what to see we will notice soon something we don't want to see... This simple rule always works, so if you don't want to work in the garden, plant it extensively with hardy perennials, let the plants do the work for you...
Besides known group of groundcovers suited well for Toronto gardens we would like to introduce you to Jeepers Creepers™ - "Down Low and Fun to Grow" group of plants. Jeepers Creepers™ are durable perennial plants. Their low spreading habit makes them ideal for use as a groundcover, lawn substitute, pathway or edging plants. Some types will even tolerate foot traffic!
To learn more about plants click on the plant name or Jeepers Creepers™ group.

Euonymus (Wintercreeper)
Hedera (English Ivy)
Hypericum (St. John's-Wort)
Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge)
Vinca (Periwinkle)

Jeepers Creepers™ group
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